When the Wolf Comes Out…

Minolta DSC
St Peter’s Church, oldest place in Wolverhampton dating to the Xth century and one of my favourite English churches – Photo by Gaelle Konak

I love taking photos at twilight. There is an old saying in French I’ve always been fond of, referring to this time of the day : ‘Entre chien et loup’ which would roughly translates as ‘halfway between dog and wolf’. It is, I find, not only a poetic image but a visually striking way to describe that transitional time of the day, lost somewhere in between daytime -comforting, familiar and “tamed”, and nighttime -“wild”, scary, unknown. 

When applied to Wolverhampton, the pun is definitely not lost on me. More than anywhere I’ve lived, this city is both dog and wolf. And photographing it at this time of the day always tickles my imagination : I like watching the wolf come out and crawl into the good old dog’s skin, transforming those familiar places and filling them with mystery, poetry, colour and wonder.

Photos below : St Peter’s Church, Kiosk and Lake at West Park, The Grammar School, Westland Avenue, Rupert Street.





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